6th October, 2022 - Paperwork

What Is CHAS Accreditation And When Do You Need It?

CHAS is a health and safety accreditation scheme, primarily for the construction industry and often acts as a type of pre-qualification during the tender process. But, what exactly is CHAS accreditation, when do you need it, how much does it cost, and is it worth it?

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4th October, 2022 - Paperwork

The Small Contractors Guide To SSIP Application And Approval

SSIP accreditation is a big deal, especially for contractors. But who should you apply with - CHAS, SafeContractor, etc? And how do you get approved? Only 20% of businesses pass on the first attempt - follow this guide to prepare, and stand a much better chance of success.

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6th September, 2022 - Paperwork

What Is A DSE Assessment?

A DSE assessment is a type of risk assessment specific to the use of computers, laptops, tablets and other display screens at work. A DSE assessment is a legal requirement for most workplaces. In this blog post, we'll look at what DSE is and how to assess it.

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14th July, 2022 - Paperwork

The Dynamic Risk Assessment And When To Use It

A dynamic risk assessment involves assessing risk in developing and changing situations. You might not always be able to know the exact level of risk ahead of time. With a dynamic risk assessment, you can continually assess to allow for unknown risks and handling uncertainty.

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16th June, 2022 - Paperwork

9 Consequences Of Failing To Carry Out A Risk Assessment

You know you should do a risk assessment, but what happens if you fail to carry one out? What if you forget? Or didn't have the time? Here are 9 problems you might get from the failure to carry out a risk assessment.

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19th May, 2022 - Paperwork

Risk Assessing Who Might Be Harmed And How

Step 2 of the five steps to risk assessment involves assessing who might be harmed and how. This step allows you to look at which groups of people may be affected by the activity, and how they might be harmed. Once you know how people can be harmed, you can decide what controls might be needed.

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21st April, 2022 - Paperwork

Why It's Important You Always Carry Out A Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is a health and safety document that most people at work (even those that don't work in health and safety) have heard of. Beyond just being a legal requirement, there are many reasons why risk assessments are important. Let's discuss why.

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13th April, 2022 - Paperwork

The Legal Requirement For A Health And Safety Policy

What is the legal requirement for a health and safety policy? Having a good health and safety policy gives your business many benefits, including clear communication of your health and safety management. It is also a legal requirement. By law, businesses of all shapes and sizes need one.

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24th March, 2022 - Paperwork

How To Write A Method Statement In 5 Minutes

Writing a method statement takes time. You need to go through your activity step by step. Consider the people, the tools, the environment, and how to carry out the work safely. Then write it all down clearly so that it is understood. Ok, so how can we write one in 5 minutes?

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10th March, 2022 - Paperwork

The 5 Types Of Risk Assessment And When To Use Them

Risk assessments at work are a legal requirement. But which type do you need? In this post, we look at the 5 different types of risk assessment in health and safety. And when and why you might use each one. Including qualitative, quantitative, generic, site-specific and dynamic risk assessments.

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28th October, 2021 - Paperwork

Risk Measurement Explained In Health And Safety

When you carry out a risk assessment, you need to measure risks. Are the risks involved high, medium or low? But how do you measure the risk level? In this blog, we explain how to break down the measurement and rating of risks for health and safety.

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5th August, 2021 - Paperwork

How Often Do You Need To Review A Risk Assessment?

You might realise you need to review your risk assessments from time to time, and many people tend to go with an annual review. But there are times when risk assessments might need to reviewed sooner. Let's look at when, why, and how often you need to update your risk assessments.

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