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When you have finished creating your document on 新IM电竞下比赛的网址, you will probably want your team to sign it. You might want to do this without printing your document and using pen and paper. We've found an easy and free way to add signatures to your PDF documents, and this guide will show you how.

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When you have finished creating your document on 新IM电竞下比赛的网址 , you will probably want to share it with your team. And, as part of your records, get them to sign and date it to show they have been read and agree to it before they start work.

You might want to do this without printing off your document and using pen and paper. We've found an easy and free way to add signatures to your PDF documents, and this guide will show you how.

Download your document

The first step is to download your document. On any edit or template in 新IM电竞下比赛的网址, you will find a 'Download' button. This will create your PDF download. We will take the template, and any changes you have made, add your business name (and logo if you are on the Documents or Pro Plan) and give you a finished PDF.

You can share this PDF with your client, other contractors, your team, and anyone else who needs to see it. So you can share it safe in the knowledge that your work can't be tampered with, your finished download is not editable.

But when you are sharing your document with your team, you might want them to be able to add a signature. Sometimes, they might do this on a printed version on site. But as we increasingly go paperless, why should your health and safety documents be any different?

Well, they don't need to be. If you want to forget the pen and paper and collect signatures without printing off your PDF download, you can. Using a free PDF reader.

adobe reader signature
Example of a signature added to a PDF

Once you have created and downloaded your health and safety document on 新IM电竞下比赛的网址, it's yours to keep. So you can collect signatures on your download at any time in the future, as long as you have it saved on your computer or device.

PDF reader

You will need a PDF reader to view your document, and to add signatures. We recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader for a few reasons. It's the most popular, comes pre-installed on many operating systems, works on desktop, tablets and mobile, and it's free. The engineers at Adobe invented the PDF, so they know their stuff when it comes to this file format!

Downloading Adobe Reader should be free and simple. Follow this link if you are on a desktop or laptop. If you're on a mobile or tablet, search for 'adobe reader' in the app store. Then follow the installation steps given by Adobe.

Open your PDF

Open up your PDF download in Adobe Reader. If it's the default PDF reader, just double click on the file. If it's not, right-click on the file and select 'Open With'. Or open Adobe Reader and choose 'File' > 'Open' and select the document.

Adding signatures

Now you can read the document and add signatures. Or even other comments, if you need to. A record of any changes anyone makes, and when, will also be stored in Adobe Reader, keeping your PDF as part of your paper trail once it's returned to you signed.

Remember, your PDF download is your finished document, for full editing, use the 新IM电竞下比赛的网址 editor .

To add signatures you have a couple of options, Fill & Sign or Comment .

adobe reader tools
Use 'fill & sign' or 'comment'

Fill & Sign

Choose this tool if you want to add your signature to a few documents, and are happy to have your signature saved in the software (e.g. you are using it on your own secure computer or device).

In Adobe Reader click Tools > Fill & Sign

In the toolbar that opens at the top of the document, click 'Sign' to add your saved signature or initials.

adobe reader fill and sign
The 'fill & sign' tool


Alternatively, you can easily add your signature or multiple signatures and other details using the comment tool.

In Adobe Reader click Tools > Comment

To add a signature click the 'Draw free form' tool in the toolbar at the top (the pencil icon). To type your name, date or other comments you can select the 'Add text comment' (the T icon).

adobe reader comment
The 'comment' tool

Looking for edit features? Check out how to create a health and safety document with 新IM电竞下比赛的网址 . There are hundreds of health and safety templates available on 新IM电竞下比赛的网址 you can use for your business.

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