6th July, 2021 - CDM

What Is The HSE’S F10 Notification Form?

If you work in construction or have been involved in construction projects in recent years you may have heard the term ‘F10 notification’ or the need to notify the HSE about your project. What exactly is the requirement to notify? And what information is needed for the HSE’s F10 notification form?

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30th June, 2021 - CDM

Considering Construction Buildability In CDM Design

When carrying out design work for a building project, you need to consider buildability - it's a legal duty under CDM for all designers. But, what exactly does buildability mean? In the context of CDM, buildability is the ability to build the structure safely.

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24th June, 2021 - Health

Dust Yourself Off - Controlling Dust At Work

We live with dust every day, in small quantities. And other than having to nip around the house with the duster, it’s usually nothing more than an annoyance. At work, however, dust can cause health problems - especially when it's hazardous or created in larger quantities.

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22nd June, 2021 - Construction

50 Construction Site Safety Tips

Construction workers are more likely to be injured or killed at work. There are many risks for construction workers to navigate, but the hazards you face in construction are varied, as no two sites are the same. These construction site safety tips are a great place to start.

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16th June, 2021 - Paperwork

Should Health And Safety Documents Be Signed?

Creating health and safety documents is something most businesses will do. In fact, in many cases, they are a legal requirement. But should they be signed, and if so, by who, and when? In this post, we look at the reasons behind signing health and safety documents.

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9th June, 2021 - Health

Can You Risk Assess The Sun? Why UV Is A Hazard In Outdoor Work.

Working outside is great in the summer, but while the sun brings warmer temperatures, it also increases health risks. And protecting yourself involves more than just sunscreen. If you or your team do work outdoors, it's time to get sun smart and protect your skin.

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3rd June, 2021 - CDM

Does CDM 2015 Apply To Demolition?

When, and how, does CDM 2015 apply to demolition work? As in, projects that don’t involve any new construction. Demolition might involve breaking down walls, dismantling structures, removal, and site clearance. So if you're not building or constructing, but rather removing and dismantling, does CDM apply?

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1st June, 2021 - Management

10 Reasons Why You Can Achieve Zero Harm

Zero harm can never be achieved at work. It is unrealistic, practically impossible, and meaningless. These are all arguments against zero harm, and there are many (including health and safety professionals) who agree with them. So, is zero harm just setting ourselves up for failure?

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26th May, 2021 - Toolbox Talks

How To Write A Toolbox Talk

How do you write a toolbox talk? It's not always easy starting with a blank page and deciding what to talk about. Even though toolbox talks are short, preparing the talk is not always so quick and simple. There are several stages you need to go through to create the perfect toolbox talk.

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20th May, 2021 - Asbestos

10 Asbestos Awareness Questions And Answers Explained

If you have had, or are about to refresh, your asbestos awareness training, you should be able to answer these 10 asbestos awareness questions. Don't worry if you are not sure about the answers - we explain them in this post to help prepare you for your asbestos awareness training.

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18th May, 2021 - Paperwork

What Is An Approved Code Of Practice?

Most health and safety regulations come with an approved code of practice (ACoP) produced by the HSE. ACoP's give practical advice on how to comply with the law. And they have a special legal status. In this post, we look at HSE guidance, ACoP's and the law.

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12th May, 2021 - Management

The Power Of Good Habits In Health And Safety (And Life)

What are habits? Actions we often take, things we repeat, steps we make without thinking. Good habits help us grow. Small regular acts add up to massive changes in long-term results. And we can use this power to achieve things at home, at work, and even in health and safety.

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