31st August, 2021 - Construction

The Technology You Can Use For Better Construction Health And Safety

Technology has advanced at record speed over the past 20 years. We've gone from games of snake to running an entire business from your mobile phone. Let's take a look at the remote technology you can use for better construction health and safety.

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25th August, 2021 - Management

Is Health And Safety Training A Legal Requirement?

For all business types, health and safety training will be a legal requirement in one form or another. Your team might need external training courses, qualifications and certificates. They may need in-house inductions, on the job training and toolbox talks. Often, a mixture of both is required.

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19th August, 2021 - CDM

CDM Planning Period And How Much Time You Need

The CDM regulations say that clients must allow sufficient time for each stage of the project, in fact, it's the first client duty. And this includes allowing enough time to plan how to carry out the project safely. But how much time do you need to allow for the planning period, to comply with CDM?

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17th August, 2021 - Construction

10 PPE Rules For Every Construction Site Worker

Every construction site worker needs PPE, it's your last line of defence against the many hazards and risks found on site. Employers have a duty to provide PPE, and you also have responsibilities to wear and use PPE. Here are 10 PPE rules construction site workers should obey.

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11th August, 2021 - Manual Handling

Manual Handling And The Maximum Weight You Can Lift

How much weight is safe to lift and carry at work? Lifting, moving and carrying are part of most jobs. From time to time, or all the time. We need to know if a load is safe to lift - or not. But what are the legal limits and guidelines surrounding manual handling?

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5th August, 2021 - Paperwork

How Often Do You Need To Review A Risk Assessment?

You might realise you need to review your risk assessments from time to time, and many people tend to go with an annual review. But there are times when risk assessments might need to reviewed sooner. Let's look at when, why, and how often you need to update your risk assessments.

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3rd August, 2021 - CDM

Does CDM Apply To Painting And Decorating?

Painters and decorators are often familiar with CDM from working on larger construction projects, perhaps under a principal contractor. But what about smaller projects, like painting a hallway or a room in someone's house? How does CDM apply to painting and decorating work?

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28th July, 2021 - Management

Health And Safety: The Principles Of Prevention

The principles of prevention are a series of rules, in order, that form a best practice approach to risk management. The principles go from most effective to least effective. The most effective option is to avoid risk. When you can't avoid risk, the other principles of prevention should be applied.

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22nd July, 2021 - Construction

Scaffold Handrail, Guardrail And Toeboard Height In Construction

Safe platforms for working at height require edge protection like handrails, guardrails and toeboards to prevent falls, of people and equipment. But when do you need handrails, and what are the minimum and maximum heights for these barriers?

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20th July, 2021 - Vibration

How To Measure Vibration Exposure To The EAV

The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations impose an exposure value for vibration at work that you must be aware of, the Exposure Action Value (EAV). Where an employee is exposed to vibration levels over and above this value, you should look for ways to control vibration.

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14th July, 2021 - CDM

The A-Z Of CDM Design Risk Assessment For Architects

As a designer on a construction project, what risks should you assess to comply with the CDM regulations? In this post, we will go through the A-Z of CDM design risk assessment, giving you 26 areas to think about when considering health and safety in your design.

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8th July, 2021 - Paperwork

Are Method Statements A Legal Requirement?

Most businesses will have needed to provide a method statement at some stage, but why do we need these documents and are they a legal requirement? If so, under what regulations are they required? In this post, we ask, what does the law say about method statements?

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