26th October, 2021 - COSHH

Avoiding Dermatitis From Cement Contact

Contact with cement can leave skin feeling itchy and sore. This reaction indicates your skin is affected by irritant dermatitis or allergic dermatitis. The first signs can be dry or scaly patches, and over time skin becomes red and blistered. A huge number of people are affected by cement contact. How can you avoid it?

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20th October, 2021 - Management

Proactive Vs Reactive Health And Safety Management

Is your health and safety management mostly proactive or reactive? Which one you focus on could have a big impact on your safety culture, and your bottom line. But what's the difference between proactive and reactive safety? Should you use one, the other, or both? Let's take a look!

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14th October, 2021 - Toolbox Talks

30+ Free Toolbox Talks For Construction

Carrying out regular toolbox talks isn't always easy when you need to come up with a subject, prepare and deliver the content. It's easier when you have your talk ready and prepared. In this post, we look at over 30 free toolbox talks for construction. Download and use them for your site.

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12th October, 2021 - CDM

Does CDM Apply To Landscaping Work?

Is landscaping work classed as construction work? And does CDM apply? The CDM regulations apply to all construction projects, no matter how long (or short). But in what circumstances does CDM include landscaping, and what do you need to do to comply?

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6th October, 2021 - COSHH

What Substances Does COSHH Cover?

The COSHH regulations cover substances that are hazardous to health. If a substance, in any form, could cause harm to a person, it will need to be assessed under the COSHH regulations. The substances covered by COSHH include chemicals, mixtures, dust, gases, fumes and biological agents.

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30th September, 2021 - Management

'So Far As Is Reasonably Practicable' Meaning Explained For Health And Safety

So far as is reasonably practicable is a term that comes up a lot in health and safety. But what does it mean? How do you decide if something is reasonably practicable? And how does the law define it? Let's look in detail at the health and safety phrase 'So far as is reasonably practicable'.

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28th September, 2021 - Manual Handling

How To Correct Your Manual Handling Technique

Manual handling is simple, right? We do it all the time, so how can it go wrong? Since manual handling injuries account for around a third of workplace injuries, it seems like lifting and carrying is not as simple as it sounds! Here are nine simple ways to correct your manual handling technique.

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22nd September, 2021 - CDM

Does CDM Apply To Site Investigations?

A common question regarding CDM is, do the regulations apply to site investigations? In this post, we look at the definition of construction work under CDM 2015 and consider how these regulations apply to site investigation work.

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16th September, 2021 - Asbestos

What Is Asbestos AIB?

AIB stands for Asbestos Insulating Board. But what is asbestos insulating board? Is it dangerous? And where do you find it? Asbestos insulating board was used for insulating against fire, heat, and sound. So you will often find it in walls, ceilings, fire doors and partitions.

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14th September, 2021 - CDM

CDM Regulations And The Secrets Of Part 4

If you work in construction and know CDM, you are probably familiar with the duties of clients, contractors and designers. But do you know about part 4? It might not get much attention, but failing to comply is not an option. Find out how part 4 applies to your construction projects.

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8th September, 2021 - Management

Does My Business Need First Aid Training?

Every business should have suitable levels of first aid cover. In an emergency medical situation, the delivery of first aid could quite literally be the difference between life and death. If an accident happened in your workplace, who would know what to do and how to help?

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2nd September, 2021 - Management

RIDDOR Explained - Quick Facts And Simple Stats

What is RIDDOR? Find out with these quick facts and simple stats. We'll explain what RIDDOR is, what you need to do, and when. RIDDOR stands for the Reporting of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations and applies to workplaces of all sizes across the UK.

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