20th December, 2021 - News

Seasons Greetings 2021

Wishing all of our clients, friends, followers and visitors a merry festive season with a quick recap of 2021 and look forward to 2022.

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15th December, 2021 - Health

7 Health Tips For Surviving Winter Work

With the cold weather arriving, it brings some additional hazards at work, particularly for those that spend some or most of the working day outside. As the temperature drops and the nights draw in, check out these 7 health tips for surviving winter work outdoors.

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9th December, 2021 - Fire

The Difference Between Fire Marshal And Fire Warden Roles

In your workplace, do you need a fire marshal, or a fire warden, or both? What does each role do, and what is the difference between a fire warden and a fire marshal? In this post, we examine both fire safety roles and the duties of each.

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7th December, 2021 - CDM

Construction Phase Plans Explained (What, When, Who And Why)

What is a construction phase plan? When is it required, and who writes it? A construction phase plan is a document required under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM). In this blog post, we explain the what, when, who, and why, of construction phase plans.

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1st December, 2021 - Management

15 Quick Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Slips, Trips And Falls

Slips, trips and falls are all huge contributors to the number of workplace injuries each year. The great news is, you can reduce slips, trips and falls on a budget, and you can put in place all of the suggestions in this post relatively quickly to start. Here are 15 quick ways to reduce the risk.

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25th November, 2021 - Construction

What Temporary Facilities Do You Need On Construction Sites?

When you are planning a construction project, you are going to need to provide some temporary facilities. E.g. a site office, toilets, and other welfare facilities. Used correctly, these facilities will keep your site safe and productive. Here's a list of 10 temporary facilities you need on your construction sites.

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23rd November, 2021 - COSHH

The Purpose Of COSHH Assessments And Why Every Business Needs Them

The purpose of the COSHH regulations is to minimise the risks associated with substances that are hazardous to the health of you and your employees, therefore reducing the number of people made ill through exposure to harmful substances. Do you comply with COSHH in your business?

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17th November, 2021 - Vibration

The HAVS Symptoms You Need To Spot Before It's Too Late

If you work with vibrating tools or equipment, you need to act fast to spot and prevent the early symptoms of HAVS. Because once symptoms start to develop, they are permanent. Hand-arm vibration syndrome cannot be reversed or cured. Here are the early warning signs you need to look out for...

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11th November, 2021 - Fire

10 Weekly Fire Safety Procedures

Are you ready to take action if a fire started? Are the safety requirements of your fire risk assessment in place? Use these ten weekly fire safety procedures to help you maintain good fire protection standards. Make sure you can take quick action and escape if a fire breaks out.

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9th November, 2021 - Management

5 Examples Of How Near Miss Reporting Can Stop Accidents

Near-miss reporting might not be a legal requirement, but reporting the accidents and incidents that follow will be. So it makes sense to get near-miss reporting in place because near-miss reporting can help prevent future accidents before they happen. Here are 5 examples.

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3rd November, 2021 - CDM

CDM 2015 Documents Explained

There are several documents required under CDM 2015. In this blog post, we look at which documents are required, and when. CDM 2015 has been around for a while, and the regulations apply to all construction projects in Great Britain. So, what documents do you need for your construction project?

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28th October, 2021 - Paperwork

Risk Measurement Explained In Health And Safety

When you carry out a risk assessment, you need to measure risks. Are the risks involved high, medium or low? But how do you measure the risk level? In this blog, we explain how to break down the measurement and rating of risks for health and safety.

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