6th January, 2017 - CDM

What CDM 2015 Information Should A Principal Contractor Provide?

Does CDM 2015 apply to residential projects? This is a common question under CDM, and the short answer is - Yes. If you are a principal contractor, contractor, designer or principal designer, CDM 2015 applies in full to residential projects. Find out more about CDM 2015 and residential projects.

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24th November, 2016 - CDM

What CDM 2015 Information Should A Principal Designer Provide?

CDM 2015 created the role of principal designer, and under the regulations, this duty holder is responsible for managing health and safety during the pre-construction phase. What information should a principal designer provide to comply with the regulations?

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25th May, 2016 - CDM

What Happened To The CDM Coordinator?

The CDM coordinator role ended in 2015, so what exactly happened to the CDM coordinator? The introduction of the CDM coordinator role was made under the CDM 2007 regulations, however, the introduction of the CDM 2015 regulations saw the removal of the CDM coordinator role. Why?

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6th May, 2016 - CDM

10 Differences Between CDM 2015 And CDM 2007

Here's a summary of 10 differences between CDM 2015 and the previous CDM 2007 regulations. CDM 2015 have been in force for some time now, and apply to all construction projects in Great Britain and CDM 2015 has a number of differences with the 2007 version of the regulations.

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6th April, 2016 - CDM

Happy Birthday CDM 2015 - Quick Refresher

Today marks one year since CDM 2015 came into force for all construction projects in Great Britain. Happy Birthday CDM 2015! To mark the one year anniversary of CDM 2015, here's a quick refresher on the top CDM 2015 topics, to keep you up to speed.

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19th February, 2016 - CDM

Key Changes In The CDM 2015 Regulations

CDM 2015 introduced the role of principal designer, and with this new role comes new duties. What are these new duties? Here are the CDM 2015 principal designer duties explained. Principal designers have duties throughout the project, but mostly during the pre-construction phase.

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6th October, 2015 - CDM

CDM 2015 Now Applies To ALL Construction Projects

CDM 2015 is old news isn't it? Didn't that come into force in April? Well yes, CDM 2015 did come into force in April for all new construction projects. But did you know that from October 6th 2015 all existing construction projects must now also comply with the new regulations?

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10th March, 2015 - CDM

CDM 2015 Are You Ready?

As you may have heard, the CDM Regulations are changing. CDM 2015 will come into force on the 6th of April 2015, and from this date every new construction project in Great Britain will be required to comply with the 2015 CDM regulations. Existing projects have until October to transition.

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10th January, 2015 - CDM

CDM 2014 Becomes CDM 2015

You may remember our blog post back in 2012 about proposed changes to the Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2007 expected in 2014, well fast forward a couple of years, and those changes look set to finally make there way through the legal system and into force in 2015.

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29th August, 2012 - CDM

What To Expect From CDM 2014

In this post we look at what we can expect from the proposed CDM 2014 regulations. You may have heard that there are plans to change the CDM regulations. With the government currently looking to kill off various regulations, particularly in the health and safety arena, is this the end of CDM?

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