16th June, 2022 - Paperwork

9 Consequences Of Failing To Carry Out A Risk Assessment

You know you should do a risk assessment, but what happens if you fail to carry one out? What if you forget? Or didn't have the time? Here are 9 problems you might get from the failure to carry out a risk assessment.

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14th June, 2022 - Asbestos

Asbestos Types And Colours Explained

When you hear people talk about the types of asbestos, you will often hear them referred to by colour, like blue asbestos or white asbestos. Despite the names, you can't actually identify asbestos by colour, but there are three main types you need to know about.

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8th June, 2022 - Health

The Water Temperatures That Kill Legionella Bacteria

Legionella is a type of bacteria that can grow in water, usually found in warm and stagnant water. This bacteria spreads Legionnaires' disease, which can be fatal. There are a few ways to kill Legionella bacteria, one of the most common ways to control the risk is by managing water temperatures.

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31st May, 2022 - Vibration

What Is HAVS? Get To Grips With Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome

If you work with vibrating tools or equipment, you should know about HAVS. If you use powered hand tools, reducing your risks today might save you hands in later years. But what is HAVS, and how do you know if you have it?

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25th May, 2022 - Asbestos

When And Why Asbestos Was Banned In UK Construction

It might surprise you to know that asbestos was only fully banned in the UK construction industry in 1999. You have probably heard of the dangers of asbestos, and the health hazards have been known for decades. So why did it take so long to ban asbestos?

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19th May, 2022 - Paperwork

Risk Assessing Who Might Be Harmed And How

Step 2 of the five steps to risk assessment involves assessing who might be harmed and how. This step allows you to look at which groups of people may be affected by the activity, and how they might be harmed. Once you know how people can be harmed, you can decide what controls might be needed.

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17th May, 2022 - Construction

What Do Safety Boots Protect You From?

You need to wear safety footwear in various workplaces, and sometimes, it might seem like a hassle. Why should you wear them? Safety boots protect you from a wide range of hazards that could hurt your feet. Let's look at the different ratings and codes for safety footwear and what they mean.

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11th May, 2022 - Management

7 Hazards That Make Confined Spaces Dangerous Places

Confined spaces are dangerous places. Working in confined spaces is not something that can always be avoided, so you need to know the hazards to watch out for. In this post, find out the 7 main hazards associated with confined space work.

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5th May, 2022 - Inductions

Who Should Attend The Site Induction?

If you have just set up a new site, you might be wondering who you need to give a site induction to. Workers? Contractors? Designers? Engineers? Consultants? The client? In this blog post, we discuss who should attend your site induction, and why.

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3rd May, 2022 - CDM

Can The Principal Contractor Be The Principal Designer?

We often get asked if the principal contractor can be the principal designer under the CDM 2015 regulations. The principal designer should be the designer in overall control of the pre-construction phase. This is usually the architect, but in some situations, can be the principal contractor.

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27th April, 2022 - Construction

How To Check Your Hard Hat Expiry Date

Find out how to check the expiry date on your hard hats, what stamps to look for, where to look, the difference between the manufacture date and the expiry date, how long a hard hat lasts, and most importantly - when to replace your hard hat.

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21st April, 2022 - Paperwork

Why It's Important You Always Carry Out A Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is a health and safety document that most people at work (even those that don't work in health and safety) have heard of. Beyond just being a legal requirement, there are many reasons why risk assessments are important. Let's discuss why.

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