3rd May, 2019 - Management

The Differences Between LOLER And PUWER

LOLER and PUWER are two sets of health and safety regulations. The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER). And the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER). When does LOLER apply? When does PUWER? And when do both? What are the similarities and differences?

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1st May, 2019 - COSHH

Construction COSHH Failures And How To Avoid Them

COSHH applies to every industry, including construction, however many workplaces fail to adequately assess the risks from exposure to hazardous substances. Health risks are the biggest killer in construction. What causes COSHH failure in construction and how can we avoid it?

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29th April, 2019 - Management

What Is Lone Working And Is It Legal To Work On Your Own?

You have probably heard of lone working, and even if you haven't, you might have done lone working before. Lone working is working alone. If you're confident in your work, you may be happy working on your own. But there are some cases where lone working might not be safe or legal.

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23rd April, 2019 - Paperwork

What Is A Health And Safety Policy?

A health and safety can be described as the health and safety plan of action for a business. It lets people, like employees, clients and others associated with the business, know your health and safety aims and arrangements. It shows your commitment to health and safety.

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15th April, 2019 - Management

The Definition Of A Confined Space And 20 Examples

In simple terms, a confined space is any enclosed place with limited access and increased risks due to that. Confined spaces can be above or below ground. They also don't need to be entirely enclosed. They might only be partially enclosed, but enclosed enough that means risk is increased.

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12th April, 2019 - Inductions

Do You Need A Construction Site Induction For Visitors?

You carry out inductions for your employees and workers on your construction site. But what about people that visit your site? Architects, surveyors, and others who may only visit on a one-off or infrequent basis. These visitors might only be on site for a short time. Do they need an induction?

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10th April, 2019 - CDM

CDM 2015 Domestic Clients And Work On Residential Projects

The requirements for domestic projects and domestic clients are a little different under the 2015 version of the CDM Regulations. Unlike CDM 2007, CDM 2015 applies in full to domestic projects. In this post we look at what a domestic project is, and how CDM 2015 applies.

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8th April, 2019 - Management

The Health And Safety Competent Person

The competent person isn't someone who employers can hand over all their health and safety responsibilities to. But it is someone who can assist and advise. In this post, we discuss this role, including the meaning, definition and legal requirements of the health and safety competent person.

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2nd April, 2019 - Construction

Excavations And The 1.2m Rule

If an excavation is under 1.2m in depth does it need supporting? What are the requirements? In this blog post we look at the 1.2m rule, how it came about, and if it still applies today. Excavations of any depth are at risk of collapse if they are unsupported.

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29th March, 2019 - Health

Silica Dust Exposure Limits, Regulations And The Law

Silica dust kills around 800 people every year in the UK. Because silica dust is found in a lot of building materials, it's difficult to avoid. But avoid it, you must. Because the law, and your health, requires you to. How much silica dust is harmful, and what are the silica dust exposure limits?

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27th March, 2019 - COSHH

The 9 COSHH Hazard Symbols (Meanings And What They Look Like)

If you are working with chemicals that are hazardous to health, or completing COSHH risk assessments, you should be aware of the symbols that are included on the packaging of substances, and what they mean. These symbols give you a good indication of the main hazards associated with the substance.

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25th March, 2019 - Paperwork

The 5 Steps To Risk Assessment (And How To Complete Them)

We might not realise it but we risk assess things all day. When we are driving, working, playing, and even just crossing the road - is it safe? When completing a formal risk assessment to work, there are 5 steps to follow... but what are the 5 steps to risk assessment?

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