8th July, 2021 - Paperwork

Are Method Statements A Legal Requirement?

Most businesses will have needed to provide a method statement at some stage, but why do we need these documents and are they a legal requirement? If so, under what regulations are they required? In this post, we ask, what does the law say about method statements?

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16th June, 2021 - Paperwork

Should Health And Safety Documents Be Signed?

Creating health and safety documents is something most businesses will do. In fact, in many cases, they are a legal requirement. But should they be signed, and if so, by who, and when? In this post, we look at the reasons behind signing health and safety documents.

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18th May, 2021 - Paperwork

What Is An Approved Code Of Practice?

Most health and safety regulations come with an approved code of practice (ACoP) produced by the HSE. ACoP's give practical advice on how to comply with the law. And they have a special legal status. In this post, we look at HSE guidance, ACoP's and the law.

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15th April, 2021 - Paperwork

What Is A Method Statement And Why Are They Used In Construction?

You will find method statements on nearly every construction project - often used along with risk assessments for specific tasks and activities carried out throughout the project. But what is a method statement document, and why are they used in construction?

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18th March, 2021 - Paperwork

5 Best Risk Assessment Control Measures With Examples

Control measures are the things you put in place to reduce risk and prevent harm. A successful risk assessment must check existing controls, and consider if you need to do more. In this blog post, we look at the five best risk assessment control measures (with examples), and in which order you should apply them.

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4th February, 2021 - Paperwork

What Is SSIP Accreditation?

SSIP is a new term that has popped up in health and safety in recent years and often appears in pre-qualification questionnaires and company literature. But what is SSIP? Is SSIP another assessment you need to go through? If SSIP is a new requirement, how do you join or become a member?

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19th January, 2021 - Paperwork

The Purpose Of Writing Method Statements And Risk Assessments

Why do businesses create method statements and risk assessments? It might seem like you are just going through the motions to satisfy legal and client demands, but are there any other benefits? If you're wondering if these documents are just another box to tick, keep reading...

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5th January, 2021 - Paperwork

When To Update Your Health And Safety Policy

A health and safety policy is a legally required document, but with the law changing regularly, how often do you need to update your health and safety policy to ensure you comply? In this post, we discuss when you should update your health and safety policy to keep it up to date.

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8th December, 2020 - Paperwork

The Purpose Of A Permit To Work System

Permits to work are often found in high-risk industries like construction, but what is their purpose? When and why would you use these documents? And what makes permits to work different from risk assessments and method statements? Let's look at how permits to work make high-risk tasks safer.

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26th November, 2020 - Paperwork

What Are RAMS Documents?

If you are asked for your RAMS, what does it mean? And why would you need a ram on your project? Well, RAMS is a term often used in construction, and actually refers to health and safety documents. In this blog post, we look at what RAMS documents are, and how you can create them.

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20th October, 2020 - Paperwork

10 Free Health And Safety Documents For Your Business

Do you need to create health and safety documents for your business? Want to save time on paperwork? Not sure where to start? Here are 10 free health and safety templates that you can edit, fill in, download and use. Created by health and safety experts, and ready for your work.

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2nd September, 2020 - Paperwork

How To Use (And Understand) A 5x5 Risk Matrix

The 5x5 risk matrix might be something you've seen in health and safety documents, in management systems or something you've heard referred to in safety briefings. But what is the 5x5 matrix? What do the numbers mean? What do the colours show? Here's how to use (and understand) a 5x5 risk matrix.

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