10th September, 2020 - CDM

CDM Health And Safety File Contents (What You Should Include)

The health and safety file is an important document required by the CDM regulations. Information for the health and safety file is gathered off all CDM duty holders, and it's important everyone understands what should be included. Here's a list of contents for the CDM health and safety file.

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8th September, 2020 - Management

10 Health & Safety Myths And The Truth Behind Them

Health and safety sometimes gets a bad name. It seems like more and more strict rules are put in place each year. But is this the truth, or are these health and safety myths? In this blog post, we take a look at some health and safety headlines and try to separate fact from fiction.

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2nd September, 2020 - Paperwork

How To Use (And Understand) A 5x5 Risk Matrix

The 5x5 risk matrix might be something you've seen in health and safety documents, in management systems or something you've heard referred to in safety briefings. But what is the 5x5 matrix? What do the numbers mean? What do the colours show? Here's how to use (and understand) a 5x5 risk matrix.

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27th August, 2020 - Construction

11 Free Ways To Improve Construction Site Safety

Don't think you have the budget or resources to improve health and safety on your construction site? Think again! The good news is many health and safety measures can be implemented for free (or low cost). In this post, we will give you 11 free ways you can create a safer site.

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25th August, 2020 - CDM

CDM 2015 Client Duties Explained

CDM 2015 gives clients a number of responsibilities or duties. These legal CDM requirements must be completed by clients on every construction project, of any size and any duration. In this post, we summarise CDM client duties and find out what these responsibilities are, and why clients have them.

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19th August, 2020 - CDM

What Is Pre-Construction Information?

One of the first documents that needs to be produced on a construction project is the pre-construction information. This is a legally required document, required by the CDM regulations for every construction project. But what is the pre-construction information?

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13th August, 2020 - Management

The 5 Health And Safety Signs And Their Meanings

There are 5 types of health and safety signs, and they all mean different things. How do you know which type of sign is which? Well, they send their message through shape and colour. Once you know what you are looking for, you can quickly understand the exact meaning of the sign.

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11th August, 2020 - CDM

The 3 Stages Of CDM (From Pre-Construction To Post-Construction)

The CDM Regulations don't just apply to contractors and construction workers on sites, but to the whole project team. Clients, designers and contractors all have duties under CDM, at all stages of the project. From pre-construction, through to the construction, project completion and beyond.

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5th August, 2020 - Asbestos

The Two Types Of Asbestos Survey (And When You Need Them)

Asbestos surveys are required by law, because of the high risks that asbestos materials present when they are found in buildings. A building may require one type of asbestos survey, the other, or both. It depends on the use of the building and the work planned.

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30th July, 2020 - CDM

The 4 CDM Duties Of A Designer

Nearly everyone involved in construction has duties under CDM, including designers. And that doesn't just mean the architect. Anyone who prepares or modifies a design for construction is a designer under CDM. In this blog post, we take a look at the 4 CDM duties of a designer.

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28th July, 2020 - CDM

Who Does CDM 2015 Apply To?

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) apply to all construction work, but who is responsible for complying with these regulations? Every construction project, no matter how big or small, short or long, needs to comply with CDM, and CDM applies to everyone involved.

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22nd July, 2020 - Management

Key Duties Of The Health And Safety At Work Act For Your Business

The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act is an enabling act. It sets out the general health and safety duties that all businesses have to comply with in the UK. It enables further, more specific, health and safety regulations to be passed by law and enforced under it.

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